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TIS Tool traps are positioned on the lubricator stack between the bottom lubricator section and the wireline valve assembly. There function is to “Trap” the wireline tool string within the lubricator stack in the event of the wire / cable being accidentally stripped from the rope socket / cable head, preventing a possible fishing job or potential damage to the swab valve on the xmas tree.

Hydraulic Tooltrap

Hydraulic tool trap assembly with two internal flappers which are operated to the open and close position by means of a hydraulic piston. Hydraulic pressure is applied to open the gates allowing the tool string to pass, once the tool string is clear of the trap, hydraulic pressure is applied to close the gates. The gates are spring loaded and when the tools are retrieved from the well, the flappers open as the tool string passes through and close automatically.

Manual Tooltrap

Manual tool trap assembly normally used in 3.00” ID, 5,000 Psi operations. The trap comes with a single flapper valve which is manually opened, allowing the tools to pass. When the tools are retrieved from the well, the flapper opens as the tool string passes through and closes automatically, by means of the counter-balance weight on the manual handle.

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