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Liquid Seal Stuffing Boxes

TIS Liquid seal grease injection control heads are installed on top of the Lubricator stack and are used to facilitate a seal and retain well pressure around moving and stationary slick line. They are predominately used while performing slick line operations on HP/HT wells.

The operational effectiveness of liquid seal injection control heads is dependent on the well pressure, flow tube clearance, number of flow tubes, temperature and the type of grease being used. TIS Liquid seal grease injection control heads can be very easily set up by the operator, to suit the wire size being run and subsequent well conditions.

TIS liquid seal stuffing box design includes the following primary well control features :

  • Ball Safety check valve, sub-assembly which contains well pressure in the event of the wire breaking
  • Conventional hydraulic packing nut complete with packing that can be operated in the event of losing the grease seal
  • Wire Wiper System which cleans well deposits from the wire, increasing the field life of the flow tubes and making wire move smoothly from the head. The wire wiper can also be used for chemical injection, preventing the formation of hydrates
  • All injection ports have integral ball safety check valves that prevent the loss of well pressure, in the event of the manifolds being knocked off

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