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Coil Tubing Control Units


Ergonomic design providing an easy to use control unit with unrestricted access for maintenance throughout. The unit has hinged doors on all 4 sides fitted with high grade stainless hinges and flush catches. Front viewing doors when closed allow the operator to see system pressures while protecting from unauthorised use, with roof hatches allow access for removing accumulators.

Control Panel

The control panel is fully engraved depicting the modes of operation, with the engraved systems being colour coded. The main control panel is hinged and can be opened like a door for maintenance. A separate accumulator panel indicates nitrogen charge pressures.

Remote Control Operation

The unit has a pneumatic remote control panel that can allow the operator to takeover control of all operational functions from the Operators Cabin, this panel mimics and relays the status of the system to the operator.

Hose Reels

TIS hose reels are designed and manufactured for long life produced from stainless steel and bronze. The enclosed gearbox drive is another unique feature of TIS design.

Audible warning system

Audible and visual warnings cater for: Low air pressure, Low fluid level, Low accumulator pressure, low shear seal accumulator pressure.

Reservoir supply

In order to ensure that only clean fluid can enter the system, both reservoirs are filled by a hand pump and short hose. This allows the taking of fluid directly from a barrel via the tank top filter to the reservoir.

Pressure test system

The unit is fitted with a pneumatic single line 20k pressure test system having its own pump and reservoir.


A bank of accumulators are contained within the unit, these are split into two systems, with one dedicated for shear seal operation.

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